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 IC1340 The southern part from Network nebula
NGC7541 A very distant galaxy pair
An 18 years study of the Gyulbudaghian's variable nebula (2002->2019) 

Last update: Oct 17, 2019

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Classified list from imaged objects:

Messier Objects

M1, M2, M3, M5, M9, M10, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16, M17, M20, M27, M29, M30, M31, M32, M33, M38, M39, M42, M49, M51, M52, M53, M56, M57, M58, M60, M61, M63, M64, M65, M66, M68, M71, M72, M74, M76, M77, M78, M80, M81, M82, M84, M85, M86, M87, M88, M89, M90, M91, M92, M94, M95, M96, M97, M98, M99, M100, M101, M102, M103, M104, M105, M106, M107, M108, M109, M110

NGC Objects (including Messier)


NGC_147, NGC_185, NGC_205, NGC_221, NGC 224, NGC_247, NGC_253, NGC_281, NGC_467, NGC_470, NGC_474, NGC_581, NGC_598, NGC_628, NGC_650, NGC_660, NGC_672, NGC_691, NGC_697, NGC_700, NGC_703, NGC_704, NGC_705, NGC_708, NGC_709, NGC_710, NGC_714, NGC_717, NGC_770, NGC_772, NGC_784, NGC_891, NGC_896, NGC_925


NGC_1023, NGC_1024, NGC_1028, NGC_1029, NGC_1055, NGC_1068, NGC_1267, NGC_1268, NGC_1270, NGC_1272, NGC_1273, NGC_1274, NGC_1275, NGC_1277, NGC_1278, NGC_1281, NGC_1283, NGC_1333, NGC_1432, NGC_1502, NGC_1560, NGC_1893, NGC_1912, NGC_1952, NGC_1976


NGC_2023, NGC_2024, NGC_2064, NGC_2067, NGC_2068, NGC_2237, NGC_2244, NGC_2264, NGC_2359, NGC_2392, NGC_2403, NGC_2537, NGC_2541, NGC_2560, NGC_2562, NGC_2563, NGC_2683, NGC_2685, NGC_2823, NGC_2825, NGC_2826, NGC_2827, NGC_2828, NGC_2830, NGC_2831, NGC_2832, NGC_2834, NGC_2841, NGC_2903, NGC_2964, NGC_2968, NGC_2970


NGC_3031, NGC_3034, NGC_3079, NGC_3184, NGC_3198, NGC_3222, NGC_3226, NGC_3227, NGC_3344, NGC_3351, NGC_3359, NGC_3368, NGC_3379, NGC_3384, NGC_3389, NGC_3432, NGC_3486, NGC_3521, NGC_3556, NGC_3587, NGC_3623, NGC_3627, NGC_3628, NGC_3675NGC_3705, NGC_3718, NGC_3726, NGC_3729, NGC_3745, NGC_3746, NGC_3748, NGC_3750, NGC_3751, NGC_3753, NGC_3754, NGC_3938, NGC_3945, NGC_3953, NGC_3992


NGC_4013, NGC_4026, NGC_4038, NGC_4039, NGC_4051, NGC_4088, NGC_4096, NGC_4144, NGC_4145, NGC_4157, NGC_4169, NGC_4173, NGC_4174, NGC_4175, NGC_4192, NGC_4206, NGC_4214, NGC_4216, NGC_4222, NGC_4236, NGC_4244, NGC_4248, NGC_4254, NGC_4258, NGC_4274, NGC_4292, NGC_4303, NGC_4321, NGC_4322, NGC_4328, NGC_4374, NGC_4382, NGC_4387, NGC_4394, NGC_4395, NGC_4402, NGC_4406, NGC_4435, NGC_4438, NGC_4464, NGC_4465, NGC_4467, NGC_4470, NGC_4472, NGC_4476, NGC_4478, NGC_4485, NGC_4486, NGC_4490, NGC_4492, NGC_4501, NGC_4517, NGC_4548, NGC_4552, NGC_4562, NGC_4564, NGC_4565, NGC_4567, NGC_4568, NGC_4569, NGC_4579, NGC_4590, NGC_4594, NGC_4627, NGC_4631, NGC_4647, NGC_4649, NGC_4656, NGC_4676, NGC_4712, NGC_4725, NGC_4736, NGC_4754, NGC_4762, NGC_4826


NGC_5023, NGC_5024, NGC_5033, NGC_5055, NGC_5194, NGC_5195, NGC_5272, NGC_5360, NGC_5364, NGC_5457, NGC_5466, NGC_5560, NGC_5566, NGC_5569, NGC_5585, NGC_5746, NGC_5792, NGC_5866, NGC_5897, NGC_5904, NGC_5905, NGC_5907, NGC_5908, NGC_5981, NGC_5982, NGC_5985 


NGC_6015, NGC_6093, NGC_6140, NGC_6171, NGC_6205, NGC_6218, NGC_6254, NGC_6309, NGC_6333, NGC_6341, NGC_6384, NGC_6402, NGC_6503, NGC_6514, NGC_6543, NGC_6611, NGC_6618, NGC_6705, NGC_6720, NGC_6760, NGC_6779, NGC_6781, NGC_6813, NGC_6820, NGC_6822, NGC_6823, NGC_6826, NGC_6838, NGC_6842, NGC_6853, NGC_6882, NGC_6885, NGC_6888, NGC_6894, NGC_6905, NGC_6910, NGC_6913, NGC_6914, NGC_6934, NGC_6940, NGC_6946, NGC_6959, NGC_6960, NGC_6961, NGC_6962, NGC_6964, NGC_6965, NGC_6979, NGC_6981, NGC_6905, NGC_6992, NGC_6995


NGC_7008, NGC_7009, NGC_7013, NGC_7023, NGC_7048, NGC_7076, NGC_7078, NGC_7089, NGC_7092, NGC_7099, NGC_7129, NGC_7133, NGC_7293, NGC_7317, NGC_7318, NGC_7319, NGC_7320, NGC_7331, NGC_7335, NGC_7336, NGC_7337, NGC_7340, NGC_7380, NGC_7383, NGC_7384, NGC_7385, NGC_7386, NGC_7389, NGC_7390, NGC_7497, NGC_7537, NGC_7538, NGC_7541, NGC_7606, NGC_7608, NGC_7611, NGC_7617, NGC_7619, NGC_7626, NGC_7631, NGC_7635, NGC_7640, NGC_7654NGC_7662, NGC_7686, NGC_7724, NGC_7727, NGC_7814, NGC_7822

IC Objects

IC 10, IC 167, IC 342, IC 405, IC 410, IC 434, IC 783, IC 1311, IC 1318, IC 1396, IC1340, IC 1470, IC 1613, IC 1727, IC 1805, IC 2574 IC 4954, IC 4955, IC 5068, IC 5070, IC 5076, IC 5146, IC 1613

Sharpless Objects

Sh2-46, Sh2-84, Sh2-86, Sh2-88, Sh2-90, Sh2-101, Sh2-104, Sh2-108, Sh2-112, Sh2-115, Sh2-125, Sh2-132, Sh2-140, Sh2-142, Sh2-155, Sh2-156, Sh2-157, Sh2-170, Sh2-171, Sh2-188, Sh2-190, Sh2-229


Ced174, Cohen129, Perseus cluster, PK59-18.1, PK104-29.1, PK112-10.1, vdB152, Gyulbudaghian's nebula