NGC 2264 - Cone nebula

Type Location r.a. dec. Size Magnitude Distance
Emission + Reflection Nebula Mon 6h40.9 +9°54' 60' x 30' 5 2.6 Kly

NGC 2264 is a portion of the Cone Nebula, called the Christmas Tree Cluster. The bright star is Mag 4.5, therefore visible with naked eye.


NGC 2264, Christmas Tree Cluster

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NGC 2264 - Cone nebula wide field

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Cone nebula fov comparison

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Date Telescope Binning Exp Time (s) Special processing Notes
Feb 21, 2003 Centurion
L 1:1
RGB 3:1
L 3x300
R,G,B 300
Jan 22, 2020 Canon 200mm F2.8 n.a. 10x30   Sampling: 4 arcsec/pixel