M104 (NGC 4594)

Type Location r.a. dec. Size Magnitude Distance
Galaxy Virgo 12h40.0 -11°37' 8.9' x 4.1' 8.3 28 Mly

The Sombrero Galaxy (also known as Messier Object 104, M104 or NGC 4594) is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo located 28 million light-years from Earth. It has a bright nucleus, an unusually large central bulge, and a prominent dust lane in its disk.

This well known galaxy is often displayed with shining red and orange colors... This is "artistic" interpretation...
Several globular clusters belonging to this galaxy can be seen as fuzzy dots on the detailed image.


M104, NGC 4594, Sombrero galaxy

Galaxy detail (.7 arc sec / pixel)

M104 detail

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Date Telescope Binning Exp Time (s) Special processing Notes
April 8, 2003 Centurion
L 1:1
RGB 3:1
L 6x300
R,G,B 300
LRGB, Max Entropy