Pegasus I galaxy cluster

Type Location r.a. dec. Size Magnitude Distance
Galaxy cluster Pegasus 23h20.2 +8°12' About 3° 11 250 Mly

The Pegasus I galaxy cluster has a large apparent angle of more than 3° (6 times the full moon). It comprises more than 20 galaxies at an estimated distance of 250 million light years. The image below shows a 37' x 25' portion, centered on the 2 largest members, the giant elliptical galaxies NGC 7619 and NGC 7626. 

 Pegasus I galaxy cluster color

Pegasus I galaxy cluster finder chart


Date Telescope Binning Exp Time (s) Special processing Notes
Sep 19, 2019 Centurion
L 1:1
RGB 3:1
L 3x300
RGB 300
LRGB, Max Entropy, DDP Blue background due to the moon...