IC 405 - Flaming Star

Type Location r.a. dec. Size Magnitude Distance
Bright Nebula Auriga 5h16.2 +34°16' 30' x 19' 6 1,500 ly

IC 405 (also known as the Flaming Star Nebula, Sh2-229, or Caldwell 31) is an emission/reflection nebula in the constellation Auriga, surrounding the bluish star AE Aurigae, at a distance of about 1,500 light-years.


IC 405 - Flaming star nebula

H-Alpha image

Wide field image also showing the open cluster M38, IC 410 and IC 417. Open in new tab for full size.

IC 405 - Wide field

Finder map:

IC 405 - finder map

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Date Telescope Binning Exp Time (s) Special processing Notes
Jan 8, 2003 Centurion
L 1:1
RGB 3:1
L 3x300
R,G,B 300
Jan 22, 2020 Canon 200mm n.a. 10x30   Image sampling 4"/pixel