NGC 6822

Type Location r.a. dec. Size Magnitude Distance
Dwarf Galaxy Sgr 19h44.9 -14°48' 10' x 9' 10 1.6 Mly

NGC 6822 (also known as Barnard's Galaxy, IC 4895, or Caldwell 57) is a barred irregular galaxy approximately 1.6 million light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius. NGC 6822 is part of the Local Group of galaxies (M31, M32).

Several nebulae, belonging to this galaxy, are visible on the image.

NGC 6822

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Date Telescope Binning Exp Time (s) Special processing Notes
Aug 16, 2002 Centurion
L 1:1
RGB 3:1
L 6x600
R,G 300
B 600
LRGB, Max Entropy, DDP very low surface brightness